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Characters from Book series: Freedom fighters

Name: Star

Full Name: Starlet 'Star' Summers

Age: 16

Occupation: Freedom Fighter, Dancer.

Specialties: Self-defence, fighting.

Name: Richard 'Rickie' Granger

Full Name: Richard 'Rickie' Granger

Age: 17 years

Occupation: Freedom fighter, IT engineer.

Specialties: Hacking computers and systems, picking locks.

Name: Carl Granger

Full Name: Carl Granger

Age: 19 years

Occupation: Team leader, Freedom fighter

Specialties: Giving orders, looking after the team.

Name: Sarah Appleton

Full Name: Sarah Appleton

Age: 19 years

Occupation: Freedom fighter, Hair and Make-up stylist.

Specialties: Flying aircrafts, knowledge of History.


Name: Bryan Harper

Full Name: Bryan Harper

Age: 22 years

Occupation: Trainer, Freedom fighter.

Specialties: Teaching, Freedom fighter knowledge.

Name: Kaitlyn 'Kat' Thompson

Full Name: Kaitlyn 'Kat' Thompson

Age: 16 Years

Occupation: Freedom fighter, Nurse

Specialties: First aid, Medical knowledge

Name: Joshua 'Josh' Davison

Full Name: Joshua 'Josh' Davison

Age: 16

Occupation: Freedom fighter, Spy

Specialties: Computers, Being undercover.

Name: Michael 'Mike' Charlton

Full Name: Michael 'Mike' Charlton

Age: 22 years

Occupation: Freedom fighter, Martial Art Instructor

Specialties: Fighting, Self defence.

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